After I attempted the colourful feather painting, I again found another tutorial from The Devon Artist’s Patreon subscription aka Paul Hopkinson.

This time it was a fun and easy tutorial, but sadly my masking tape or should I say me, let me down, because the colour got underneath and bled but I have rescued it. Phew.

I just now need to trim it down and adjust the finished piece. For now it’s in time out in my portfolio. Yes I have a portfolio to keep my work safe for the cats, aren’t I posh.

Here’s my result…. don’t forget to hover over the images to see more detail.

I’ve added a very slight border and have taken off the top and bottom sections
If you look closely you can see where the paint got underneath and bled.
Naughty masking tape, no me, I mustn’t have got it stuck down enough.

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