I thought while my clematis had its petals I’d take a photograph, just in case one day when I feel brave enough I may choose to paint it. The wind is pretty strong today so tomorrow it might not have been so pretty and intact.

I’ve also popped to the library, I’d reserved a watercolour pencil book that I might have a flick through.

So no painting today so far for me, maybe later on I’ll try an hour.


  1. Graham Thompson says:

    I quite like watercolour pencils. It was this book, and Charles Evans, that got me started in watercolour but I just cannot do landscapes. I thought it was my lack of skills with watercolour but in reality, I don’t think I am interested in painting them after years of landscape photography.

    Was thinking of trying some of Paul’s tutorials using pencils🤔

    1. It was watercolour pencils that took my fancy 3 weeks ago. That’s what I originally purchased. But then I looked into watercolour paints. I found the pencils gave a lined look. That was probably me no blending properly.

      I think the subject that you’re painted has to take your interest so yes maybe after doing landscape photography it was time for you to look into other things.

      Maybe you’ll go back to landscapes in the future when you’ve learnt more techniques and fancy a change.

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