This is where my journey first started on the 12th May 2022.

I had been watching Paul Hopkinson’s videos and thought I really need to give this a go.

Two of my closest friends, knew how tempted I was but I didn’t have the supplies, so between them they said Shazie, you buy what things you need and we will give the pennies to get you started.

I am so grateful for their support, because without them I’d never ever have attempted it.

I’ve always wanted to paint one of my cats, especially my bengal, so that is my ultimate goal to one day attempt it. Hopefully in the near future I will be brave enough.

So what better way to start to learn than to put paint to paper and try painting a cats eye, this is one of several of Paul’s tutorials.

Have a look at this video

I joined Paul’s Patreon so that I could gain access to his full tutorial on how to paint this beautiful eye.

I thought it was well worth the cost of a monthly subscription to learn the art of watercolour.

I had watched hours of different people teaching you how to paint on YouTube but Paul stood out from them all with his soft relaxing voice, it was easy to listen and follow his advice and explanation of how and why we paint in a certain way.

I haven’t regretted it because there are some wonderful realistic tutorials. If you’d ever wanted to learn to try watercolour painting I would highly recommend checking out Paul’s patreon, click here to go and have a look.

Also go and have a look at his website to, click here.

You can even try free tutorials from Paul’s website, he has a FREEBIE CLUB, now that is a must and a fantastic starting point, click here to find out more.

So below you can see my progress of how I got on, I have only got so far, because I honestly thought I had stuffed up, but as I write this post I see that no I haven’t, I just felt at the time I needed to get more experience on how to create fine lines that make up the fur on a painting.

I will hopefully get back to this tutorial in the very near future.

If you hover your mouse over the picture you can zoom in.

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