Oh no, here I am again, another tutorial attempt from one of the many tutorials by The devon Artist aka Paul Hopkinson, sounds like he has me as a stalker, sorry Paul if you see my website, I’m not honestly, but he is so good at teaching it’s a go to, he’s my mentor.

So here we have it a lovely robin, my self critical me, wasn’t sure it was right until I posted up on Paul’s patreon Facebook Support group and I got so much encouragement from members there, and also my close friends, that again I was being too hard on myself. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I have to learn.

Still forgetting I’ve only just started this journey.

Have a look and leave me a comment, don’t forget to hover over the image (runs and hides under the table as you see how rubbish close up it is, no I’m sort of joking, it isn’t too bad really).

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