I just love the finished piece, that much so I actually framed it and it’s on my wall at the bottom of my stairs so every time I walked down my stairs I see it and smile. Just what the doctor ordered a smile to help with the everyday stresses of current life we all have to face with these ever increasing living costs, enough about that, why too depressing.

I finished this one 3 days ago and I have to say it’s prompted me to keep going to keep stepping out of my comfort zone and seeing how can improve.

Shock horror this one isn’t a Paul tutorial, oh betrayal…lol.

This one is from this artist on YouTube

Now mine isn’t as good as the video above but I’m still happy with my result.

Here we go, my attempt below, I have actually used my own painting to create the current logo for this website. Now don’t forget to hover over the image to zoom in.

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