I’m not sure I should be painting today, because I feel I’m in a very dark place and feeling fairly down. But I have to do something to try and lift my mood. Hate these kinds of days, when you feel stressed, tense and sick all at the same time. My mind is whizzing around and I just can’t seem to rest it. I’m trying to force it to focus on a pleasant, relaxing task.

It’s taken me all afternoon to push myself to even try this, it maybe a complete disaster but we shall see.

So here we go….

Where I am as I right this post – just taking a step away to try and calm myself.
I don’t think I had the paint thin enough, but instead of saying no its going in the bin, I will carry on.

Hopefully as I carry on with this maybe in a little while, I will find it’s not a complete throw in the bin job. It may end up on the pile for another day though.

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  1. Graham Thompson says:

    Hope the feelings pass soon Sharon. I know from experience that you just have to recognise what is happening and have faith it will go.

    Interesting project you have taken on though, look forward to seeing how it turns out🙏

    1. There are so many projects I want to try and it’s so difficult to chose. I love all of Paul’s tutorials.

      I really don’t know why I chose this to do. Maybe I thought it would really push me out of my comfort zone. Just to see if I could create a half decent dogs nose. 😁

      I felt a little better late last night. Hate it when the dark clouds appear, but I know I must hang in there because they do clear eventually.

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