I last worked on this project on the 15th May 2022, it was my first ever proper attempt at watercolour painting, I felt I wasn’t experienced enough to carry on at the time.

I put it aside and thought I’d try learning more techniques and how to get used to working with watercolour paints, they can be tricky to get the correct mix for the technique you want to achieve. Mainly you have a watery mix, milky mix, creamy mix and the thick mix.

This painting is taught by the best mentor going Paul Hopkinson – The Devon Artist.

I really still can’t believe how my painting experience is improving, I’m still shocked that I have actually attempted anything, I have to keep pinching myself, that I have actually created some lovely paintings for a beginner.

I am feeling much better than I did the other day, I have good days and bad ones but I think the painting is helping to switch my brain off a little. I really should be stitching too but I find the painting at the moment is drawing me in.

Enough of my waffle, here is where I am this morning. I may try starting the fur later on….

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