I think I have finally found my art media that feels right for me, well for the time being anyway. I never know, I could end up down another rabbit hole in the future and try something else.

This year I started with Polymer Clay in February, then in May I took to watercolour painting because polymer clay was working out way too expensive with the cost of living rising.

So at the start of this month (July) I started looking into coloured pencils and watching loads of videos by several very talented you tubers to find ones I could relax and easily follow their instructions.

Currently I love 3 really talented artists –

Shannon Mullins – https://www.shannonmullinportraits.com/

Teresa Joy Fine Arts – https://www.teresajoyfineart.co.uk/

Bonny Snowden – https://www.bonnysnowdonacademy.com/

I have never ever used coloured pencils, this is my first ever attempt and again, I really can’t believe that I have actually achieved such a good result, now I obviously have a long way to go with this piece. I only do an hour a day if I feel up to it. Scared of messing it up.

The tutorial is by Shannon Mullins on YouTube and it is in 13 videos, an hour at a time.

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